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10 Reasons to Write a Book

1. Builds authority and expertise like nothing else
2. Creates a legacy
3. A book is THE BEST business card (think about it)
4. A book is also the best resume item
5. You get to share your wisdom
6. It’s a revenue stream
7. It leads people to other offerings you have
8. Builds so many skills at once (writing, healthy habits, focus, attention span, intuition, flow state, self-confidence, self-awareness, etc)
9. Helps people on a deep level
10. Contributes to the New Earth creator economy

5 Misconceptions About Writing a Book

Misconception 1: "It's too hard"

Not if you have some guidance and consistency.

Misconception 2: "You need to be a great writer"

If you can talk, you can write. I'll share strategies to help you write in a clear, engaging way.

Misconception 3: "You need a lot of free time"

Got an hour a day? That's all you need to make it happen.

Misconception 4: "You need to be famous or have huge accomplishments"

Nope. Every human being has something valuable to share that can help others.

Misconception 5: "No one reads anymore"

Books aren’t going away.

All of those aren’t true.Even worse, they prevent people from writing a book that can change people’s lives (including their own).I’ve written 20+ books, for myself and other people. And I’ve developed a system to help streamline the process.Note: Writing a book is not easy, but it’s not as hard as most people believe. I’ll show you.

Book Coaching
with Stephen Parato

Why Work With Me?

I will...

  • Help you write a book from the heart (not with forced tactics and tricks)

  • Provide deep guidance and support

  • Help you work through your ideas and make them tangible

  • Give you a direct path to finishing your book and putting it out (saving you lots of time and money)

  • Help you articulate any “out-there” or “woo-woo” ideas you have

Apply Below

This is for spiritually-inclined leaders.I want to help you articulate your wisdom and share your message with the world.If this resonates with you, and you feel ready to write a book, please fill out the short application linked below.The application will help let us both know if we’re a good fit for each other (and spark more ideas for you).I will contact you after you submit the application.Excited to help bring your book to fruition!Much love,
Stephen Parato

Note: I only have 2 spots available, so apply ASAP.

Books I've Helped Bring To Fruition

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